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See what other people are saying about our Plaza 550 apartments! At Plaza 550 Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Itzels and Ariell are great when it comes to taking care of Maintenace request. I put in a request and within 24 hours t was completely taken care of!


At the time of this writing I am a current tenant, and I really like it here. The proximity to everything, highways included, is great. It’s a quiet area. The apartments are renovated. The property manager is great and responds to anything quickly and efficiently. The maintenance professional is very courteous and will schedule with you for any repairs to make sure you can be there if you choose. He does for me. I have found it to be more quiet than expected inside my unit. I have high end fixtures and beautiful countertops. I highly recommend living here.


I moved here about about 3 months ago fron CA my experience here has been beyond me expectations I would like to thank Ariel the maintenance dude he has been so genuine and helpful anything goes wrong I know I can count on him. Itzel the manager has been super helpful she has helped me tremendously overall a great place to live. Thank you guys!!!


I moved into the apartment around December, it a great place for a first time apartment. Its very quite and has many small businesses in walking distance. The maintenance person Ariel, who take care of the grounds is very nice and easy to talk to when you need a situation to be look at. The manager itzel was such a nice landlady very soft spoken and is very responsive to situation that need attended too.


Itzel has been very helpful with our move, the maintenance manager Ariel is super awesome. Great place.


Verified Resident

Great Job!
Itzel & her Maintance Man Ariel are 2 of the most organizated, considered-helpful, hard working individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you! keep up the good honest hard work and never stop growing :)


Verified Resident

Prompt Maintenance, Fantastic Service
I have only lived in the apartment complex a short time, but Ariel and Itzel have been amazing. Itzel has been there to answer all of my questions and provide me with exactly what I need. She is never hard to get ahold of, and she always has answers. Ariel has been super, super helpful in fixing the tiny things in the apartment like a shaking fan or a crooked door hinge. I have had same day or next days service with everything I need, and he is thorough in his work. Both are extremely nice and friendly, and they give Plaza 550 a very homey feeling.


My daughter is going to PhoenixCollege and I wanted her to live in a nice quite place. This really is greatly located and well kept little place. My daughter wanted be close enough to entertaining areas. She loved that she can walk down the block to get her starbucks and the Amazon package locker for residents! This place quickly became our top pick. Meeting both our needs. I had a great time with the manager in the office. She explained everything about the apartments and the area around it. Very easy going yet profesional. She was one the only person I've meet all weekend that seemed sincerely excited to be there.


I moved into Plaza 550 in October of 2020, the first couple of months, I had a few different problems with my unit, nothing major, but every-time something came up, Itzel, in management and Ariel, in maintenance, have responded and found solutions to everything - as any good “landlord” should. They both are responsive and tackle any issue I have had, with care. I like this community, the place is well kept, and everyone I’ve crossed paths with is quite friendly. I especially like the smart locks on the doors and the smart thermostat, the locks make me feel safer.


Update from 1 star- Things have been getting better. The manager on site now is great. They are actually acting like they care and are taking care of things. I don't feel like my words are falling on deaf ears anymore. There are much less issues and the staff are actively trying to make things decent. The apartments are good for the price and maintenance is very helpful. A lot of things can Most of the residents are friendly and respectful, though there is always the exception. The large metal gates here will constantly be banging very loudly, day and night, which seems unnecessary. But that is my only complaint that hasn't been addressed in the last few months.

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